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UGG Australia | the story behind the boots

UGG BootsUGG was founded in Southern California by Brian Smith in the late 1970s but perhaps the roots of the brand can be traced all the way back to the beaches of Byron Bay located on the eastern edge of Australia where Australian surfers first started using sheepskin footwear for warmth and protection between sessions. Australia has an abundance of sheepskin and if truth were told, it was only a matter of time before basic hand-made sheepskin “footies” became a way for people to keep their feet warm and comfortable while wicking away moisture. Going back in time, it is clear that the use of sheepskin by the surfers of Australia laid the foundation for a brand that would later become a phenomenon in the fashion industry worldwide.

Making Ugg Boots1978, Southern California, a man dared to dream. Equipped with nothing more than a few sheepskin boots and hope, Brian Smith dreamt of introducing people to the delights of sheepskin footwear and founded the UGG brand on the beaches of Southern California selling his sheepskin boots which proved to be an immediate sensation. By the mid 1980’s, UGGs became a symbol of the relatively relaxed southern California culture, gaining momentum up and down the coast, from San Diego all the way to Santa Cruz. Before long, the popularity of the UGG boots reached beyond the beach and into every level of society. The brand became the epitome of a relaxed, active lifestyle and perhaps more than that, an emotional connection began to grow for the UGG boots.

By the year 2000, as a footwear brand, UGG had caused a cultural shift becoming the symbol of a more casual lifestyle along the coastal region of the United States but if truth were told, the popularity of the branded boots only became the subject of interest to the world when for the first time ever, UGG boots were featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things. From then onward, worldwide, people began to take notice.

Fashion Shift to UGGs

UGGs took over the fashion world faster than any other footwear brand in history!

If you are at all into fashion then you would know that breaking into the New York fashion world is no easy task but UGGs took the city by storm. The evolution of UGG from a footwear brand that made sheepskin clogs and sandals to a brand that characterizes a luxurious lifestyle was nothing short of swift although much of this happened as a result of UGG being transformed into a high-end luxury footwear maker. How things work when it comes to the world of fashion is when the New York fashion community notices a brand, the whole world follows so the widespread popularity of the UGG boots extending to Europe in the mid-2000’s was only to be expected. By that time, UGG boots had made it to the streets of London, Paris and Amsterdam. Concept stores were also opened in Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo. UGG Australia became an international brand loved by one and all, the result of the magical combination of the benefits of sheepskin and the feeling you get when you slip the boots on your feet.

UGG | the material

Sheepskin BootsBrian founded UGG because he believed that sheepskin was nothing short of a magical material and the mastery of this distinctive material is deeply ingrained in the history of the footwear brand as a winter shoemaking company. Sheepskin is what defines the UGG boots. By fashioning boots using only the finest available sheepskins, as a fashion and stylish brand, UGG has come a long way when it comes to delivering a luxurious comfort that is second to no other footwear brand.

To ensure a popularity that remains unrivalled, authentic UGGs are only made from the highest quality TwinFace sheepskin, the perfect material for boot making. Scientifically speaking, other than sheepskin, no material is capable of naturally keeping the human feet cool and warm simultaneously and perhaps other than sheepskin, no other material is capable of bringing together coziness and cutting edge style in a single pair of boots.

UGGs | redefining the fashion communities worldwide

UGG Australia only uses Grade-A TwinFace sheepskin for the manufacture of its branded boots, which is luxuriously soft, dense and malleable, all at the same time. By putting the sheepskin through an extensive process, UGG ensures and guarantees the signature UGG experience people have come to expect from the footwear brand. For the manufacture of autumn and winter boots that remain unprecedented and unmatched for, both sides of the TwinFace sheepskin are thoroughly examined. There is a reason why the branded boots represent the symbol of a luxurious and stylish lifestyle. Each pair of boots requires a relatively large swath of material and should even the slightest of blemished occur in the raw material, it is put away for exclusion. The sheepskin used for the manufacture of the UGG boots is tested for uniformity and flawlessness ensuring only the best quality sheepskin makes it through.

For over 3 decades now, UGGs have been constantly worked on, tested and improved pushing sheepskin to its limits. The boots are also designed to ensure long-wear, comfort and style inherent and clearly evident in every pair of UGG. Designing and crafting footwear that suits both casual wear and runways using only Grade-A sheepskin takes patience and creativity and the designers of the authentic UGG products understand this very well.


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